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4 Perks of Majoring in English: A College Student’s Perspective

As we venture from a high school senior to a college freshman and beyond, we are constantly pursuing our dreams through what we are studying or involving ourselves in. For me, that includes studying English—not only the language, but also literature, words, poetry, and everything in between.

I can tell you a few things about how much it has benefitted me by being an English major but, as you would expect from someone who loves words, I could go on forever. First, the procrastination issue that leads to cramming goes much deeper than the occasional test. People who procrastinate often stay in a state of low-grade panic that is very stressful. Addressing procrastination in your life is far more important than the results of one test. Second, reviewing in advance and “layering” your review is far more likely to help you remember material than if you simply cram information and then forget it. Additionally, sleep lost during cramming sessions can be detrimental to your grades. After completing a recent study, Dr. Phyllis C. Zee Because of words constraints, I will give you a few reasons why being an English major is awesome (and why you should do it too, if your heart is telling you to).

Critical Thinking

More than anything, I’ve learned how to be a critical thinker. As an English major, you’re constantly reading, assessing, discussing, and writing about what you’ve learned. I am confident that I can assignment help online open up a book, read it from cover to cover, analyze important sections, understand what the author is trying to say, discuss it with my peers, and write down my findings along the way. One effective method of study is known as “layering” and it is far more likely to help us retain information for an exam. Layering means that every day we add another “layer” of knowledge to our existing store, but we also briefly review the layers beneath. For example, if you are working with math, you would take a few minutes at the beginning of your study session to work five problems from the material of the days or weeks prior to the new information you are studying. This method forces us to make those cross-connections between the new and the old material and to constantly review old data.

This is something that is going to help me immensely in the professional world, even with little things such as writing/reading emails, proofing someone’s report, and so on.

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