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What Is the Difference Between the Provisions Submitted for the Defense of the Dissertation and the Conclusions?

Any research project should fully disclose the issue under study, the topic, have specific conclusions and recommendations of the author. Moreover, each element (be it the disclosure of a definition, an analysis of a problem, advice, etc.) should have its own place according to the work plan, guidelines and methodological recommendations.

One of the mandatory parameters of a research project is the presence of conclusions. But to defend a dissertation, it is not enough to present only arguments and their analysis. The creator of a scientific work must be convincing, clearly and competently talk about the essence of the research. To do this, he needs to prepare a defensive speech and determine the key provisions to be defended. Today we will tell you how to form both criteria when they are relevant and necessary.

It is customary to single out a separate section in the dissertation “Conclusions on the first (second, third, etc.) chapter”. Here the author has to briefly and succinctly emphasize the key aspects within the framework of the work done, chapter by chapter. This section allows to outline what work the researcher did, what he studied, what conclusions and results he came to, how he proved the relevance and importance of the problem, what sources of information and works he relied on, etc.

Provisions for defense

In order for the dissertation to be admitted for defense, it is necessary to submit to the Discussion Council, in addition to the text of the scientific work and the abstract, the main provisions that he intends to defend.

The provisions put forward by the researcher are his statements, assumptions that he intends to disclose and prove throughout the work. These are the parameters that emphasize the uniqueness of the project as a whole, since the “conclusions” put forward by it should not have been previously proposed, considered and proven by anyone.

This parameter may include the following elements in its structure: key terms and concepts of scientific work, reasoned vision of the author and his opinion on the topic, results and recommendations, description of proposed reforms, etc.

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